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Online Anti-Drug Initiative Public Information

What is the Anti-Drug Initiative Online Program?

The Online Anti-Drug Initiative (ADI) Program is a diversion program for drug or drug-related arrestees. Clients who successfully complete the ADI program have their charges dropped. However, the clients who do not successfully complete the program are referred back to the State Attorney’s Office for further disposition. In addition to offering drug or drug-related arrestees a chance to be diverted from a court process, the program is designed to act as a tool to identify those people whose arrest signals that they are in need of formal treatment for drugs/alcohol.

Can you describe the program a little?

The ADI program is not a traditional treatment program. The ADI program is a very brief pre-treatment program that has been court ordered, and information simply will be presented to you. However, if during this program it is determined that you would benefit from taking part in formal treatment following ADI, we will assist you. It is important to note that the ADI program is not a program for drug dealers. The ADI program is designed to help drug users take a look at where their drug use has gotten them.

How do I enroll in the program?

The ADI program is a court ordered program and referrals from the court system is the primary point of entry into this program. If you have not been referred to this program as part of a court diversion or if you are interested in alternative programs and treatment methods, please click on the "Contact Us" link at the bottom of the page and select the appropriate link or you may contact us at (386) 254-1217 or via our 24 Hour Access number at 800-539-4228.

I have already been court ordered, where do I go now?

Prior to being able to use the Online ADI Treatment Program, you must have contacted one of our admissions specailists. After a brief confirmation of your information, they will provide you with login information and a start date for you to begin the program. If you have obtained your login information from the admission specialist, simply click the "Client Login Page" button below. If you have not already contacted an admission specialist, please click on the "Contact Us" link at the bottom of the page and then choose the "I am a new client" option.

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